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  • BOXING, MUAY THAI & MMA – No matter what style you train, these gloves will help you get the most from it
  • PERFECT ALL-ROUNDER – The extra padding in these gloves make them a great fit for sparring and the heavy bag as well as pad work
  • GENUINE LEATHER – Expertly crafted. Don’t settle for second best. Leather breathes better and lasts longer
  • EXCELLENT VENTILATION – Proper ventilation helps keep your gloves cooler and cleaner
  • 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Love these gloves or return them in good condition for a full refund


Introducing the RT-41 
These eye catching gloves are beautifully made, with absolute attention to detail. The soft, but protective padding makes the RT-41s an all-rounder and the next MVP in your training toolbox. Do your hands, training sessions and sparring partners a favor! 

Why the RT-41s? 
UMA’s RT-41 boxing gloves are made from 100% genuine, original leather. 
These gloves offer a high level of protection thanks to 4 layers of soft PU foam and EVA padding. 
Like all UMA products, RT-41’s are expertly crafted. Our lining and ventilation system helps reduce heat and sweat. 
Excellent wrist support for heavy bag and pad sessions 

What can I use them for? 
The extra padding in these gloves makes them a great all round glove. They are perfect for sparring (16oz) and heavy bag work, as well as performing well in pad work sessions. RT-41s suit any combat training involving full size gloves from boxing, Thai boxing and kickboxing to MMA, sambo, taekwondo, karate and jeet kune do (JKD). 

Who are these gloves suitable for? 
The RT-41s are suitable for anyone who needs gloves for combat sports & training in the sizes available above. Consult your healthcare professional before beginning any sport, exercise or training routine. 

What you get 
1 x left glove + 1 x right glove, in the color and size of your choice above